Debt Collections

Debt Collections

As the economy suffers, so do receivables on business accounts.  Some people and businesses are not paying their share and are not complying with their responsibilities.

If you have a business with uncollected accounts or receivables from debtor clients or customers, The Choi Law Group, LLC can help.  We have developed an aggressive program for collections against nonpaying debtors that is consistent with law, but also fast and effective.

Winning a judgment in court is only half of the battle.  Collecting upon the judgment and receiving the money is the victory.

Many litigants and sometimes even attorneys forget that a signed judgment by the court, if not enforced, becomes only a piece of paper.  This judgment must be enforced and every effort should be made to properly file and collect upon the judgment.

The attorneys at The Choi Law Group, LLC have an abundance of resources, tools, and skills to efficiently and effectively collect upon your judgment or upon the debt of another.  We will investigate the debtor, lien his assets, and force a collection.

Enforcing a judgment can be actions against:

A person’s home and personal property,
Freezing and forfeiture of money in accounts,
Wage garnishment, or other asset liens and
Forced sale of assets and personal property.