We understand that good people sometimes make bad mistakes. Bad mistakes, however, have consequences. One of those consequences may be a criminal record of an arrest, charge and/or conviction. Even if you entered into a diversionary program where you had the benefit of a dismissal of a case (such as in a municipal conditional dismissal … Read more

There are many options to get a Green Card through Marriage to a U.S. Citizen (“USC”) or Lawful Permanent Resident (“LPR”). Green Card through Marriage to a USC It is well known that marriage to a USC is the fastest and easiest way to get a Green Card or to save a foreign-citizen’s illegal status. … Read more

New Jersey is what is referred to as an “Equitable Distribution” state when property is divided between two spouses when a marriage or civil union is terminated. In an Equitable Distribution state, property acquired during the marriage belongs to the spouse who earned it; however, that does not mean that the other spouse is not … Read more

One of the most frequent questions we hear in the area of estate planning is whether you should have a Last Will and Testament prepared in order to exercise some degree of control over how not only your assets are managed after death, but also how your family is taken care of in your absence. … Read more

The EB-5 program provides certain foreign investors who can demonstrate that their investments are creating jobs in this country, with a potential avenue to lawful permanent residency in the United States. Through EB-5, a foreign investor who invests a certain amount of money that is placed at risk, and creates or preserves a minimum number … Read more