DWI / Traffic Offenses

Statistically, the majority of drivers on the road today will have some experience with a traffic violation in municipal court. These include, for example:

Speeding, Careless Driving, Reckless Driving, Improper Turns, Failure to Observe a Traffic Light or Stop Sign, Driving While Suspended, Alcohol in a motor vehicle, or Driving While Intoxicated (“DWI”).

In many cases, these traffic violations have fines and Motor Vehicle Commission (“MVC”) points associated with them, the effect of which may be increased insurance premiums, MVC surcharges, or even a period of license suspension and/or incarceration. Some of these traffic violations may be plea bargained or reduced to a lesser offense. In such cases, the points may be reduced or eliminated entirely or the fines may be lessened.

In other circumstances, such as a DWI offense, there is a specific prohibition against plea bargaining the offense. Depending on the blood alcohol reading (“BAC”) and the circumstances surrounding the stop of the motor vehicle, the matter may be successfully defended. The introduction of the new breath test machine, called the Alcotest, in New Jersey has presented many challenges for the State in prosecuting DWI matters. This area of law has become a very technical and scientific battleground between State prosecutors and defense attorneys.

The attorneys at The Choi Law Group, LLC have successfully defended many cases in this area of law. We are eager to hear your side of the story and represent your interest in court.