When starting a business, one of the first, and most important decisions the owner or owners will need to make is choosing what type of corporate entity to form. The type of corporate entity you choose will impact how much you pay in taxes, your ability to raise money for the business, the paperwork you … Read more

The Court System. In New Jersey, like in many states, there are basically four levels of courts: (i) the Municipal Court hears minor violation of law such as traffic summonses, domestic violence cases, DWI’s and minor crimes, (ii) the Superior Court hears disputes between parties and can award monetary damages and other relief, (iii) the … Read more

One of the benefits of the court system is being able to sue someone and obtain a money judgment. In civil lawsuits, one can get a judgment from the court for money owed, but that person may have difficulty collecting the money. In Special Civil Court, the case is assigned a “J Number” and the … Read more

Every year it seems your property taxes go up. And there’s nothing you can do about it. Wrong. Every property owner or even a tenant can file a property tax appeal. In the beginning of the year, you will receive a postcard telling you what your new assessment will be (this postcard is sent to … Read more

Normally in New Jersey, when a residential or commercial tenant stops paying rent, the landlord can file a complaint with the Superior Court of New Jersey in the county where the rental premises is located and the court would normally hear the case within a matter of weeks. Unfortunately for landlords, the COVID-19 pandemic has … Read more

Some people today find themselves far behind on their bills with limited means to pay them back. Instead of battling with their creditors for years and making little progress, people now have the option of filing for bankruptcy. This is a process in which a debtor applies for a discharge of his debts or agrees … Read more

If you are injured because someone was at fault, you may be awarded compensation for your injuries. The amount of your award will depend on the nature of the harm that you suffered and the nature of the person’s act. This is the basis of a Personal Injury Case, which involves such things as auto … Read more